Hiring 3D Artist and Builder (Fullflower Studio)

image About Us

Fullflower Studio is a development group focused on fun and meaningful games for the Roblox community. We value a team with self organization, great communication, and passion.

image The Team

@Myzta - Project Manager, Front-end Scripter
@EvilArtist - 3D Artist, Concept Artist, UI Design
@Alertcoderf - Back-end Scripter
@Erythia - Environment Design, 3D Artist

image About the Job

We are looking to contract a builder who can take on the task of bringing our concepts to life and bring style and beauty to our map. We are looking for someone with an architect’s mind who can design interior and exterior of buildings. Someone who can create a stylized / realistic look similar to below without too much detail.

Example of our concepts

image Payment

70-150 USD per finished building.

image Contact Us

Discord: Anne#9455
Twitter: @Myzta_
Or directly message @Myzta on the Dev Forums

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!!

image Requirements

Send us a message with a portfolio of your previous work.
Background in 3D modeling.
Background in building.
Must be 18 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


So you need someone who can design the inside of that building? Then if that’s the case, I can definitely do the inside of those places in a heart beat. Discord Squisheh#4971 I prefer robux, over paypal. I don’t do 3d modeling since I’m learning, but I can build the interior of those examples, or simply remake them.

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Howdy Myzta! I can 3D model and I can do what you need in a fast rate. I prefer robux over USD and can show you my past work via Discord should you choose to add me: Pork#6138. Also, my modeling program of choice is Blender. I’ve added you on discord.

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Hello! I’m interested and I’m going to send a DM on Discord, I’ve worked for Erythia on similar building styles :smile:

My portfolios:
https://sites.google.com/view/streetrbxl – Website
https://twitter.com/StreetRBLX – Twitter

I sent a friend request in Discord.

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Hey! I’m interested in the job and have contacted you through Discord, and got a similar style to that provided.
My portfolio: [AVAILABLE] AlvinPolys - Modeling/Building

Hello!, sorry to bother you although i’m just wondering to why the person your hiring needs to be over 18, if its due to payment issues that’s understandable, its just annoying because i’d love to apply for this commission.

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The developer working for our studio must be over 18 for legal reasons. :slight_smile:


Is it necessary to sign any term? I’m not over 18, but my parents can represent me.

I see no problem with this if my parents sign up as my legal representatives (if I’m hired for it). Otherwise, I am mature enough to start and finish it efficiently and quickly.

I don’t know the developers reason, but usually paying minors is much more work legally. Signing contracts isn’t usually the problem.

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