Hiring 3d modeler [40K] [Closed]

You will be creating naval ships, vehices, aircraft, and buildings. See examples in this game. Conflict Rising 2 - Roblox. Just click on a unit you wan’t to view. The quality I am wanting is about ‘Medium Poly’. You don’t have to texture. I am only looking for great modelers so don’t contact me if you can’t do it. Poly count shouldn’t be more then 5k for regular units, but bigger units like ships and big aircraft can be 10k polygons.

Payment is 3-5k robux from group payout per unit. Something like a D181 or a big unit would be 5k robux. Something like a tiger tank would be 3k. Something like a 2K22, or Palmaria would be 4k. I am expecting about 10 units. [About 40k $R.] I am wanting 5 units a week, so you will have 2 weeks. I will send you the list of units I want and how much each one pays. Not posting the list because I am still working on finding good units to be made. I am wanting 1 unit done tomorrow and be consistant. Don’t put all the units off until the last day. You can get payed anytime a unit is finished. [I will pay before you send me the blender file.]


Why am I hiring? I can model but I don’t like it. I just stare at the screen.

My discord is Nado#9659

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Im gonna be 100% honest, this stuff your asking for is a lot more than 40k and tbh I am not capable of doing any thing related to Vehicles

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It’s definetly not worth more than 40k. I modeled all the units you see there I know its not that difficult I just don’t like modeling and would rather script. You wouldn’t even be texturing I would do that. 40K is the average. It might be higher, might be lower depending on the units I want made. If I wanted like 10 ships it would be 50k. If I wanted 10 easier units that would be 30k.

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Hello! I am interested, but I have some rules, like payment before send the .blend file.
I haven’t any portfolio for “medium” poly, but I am 100% capable to do it.
x.com https://sites.google.com/view/streetrbxl/home

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Forgot to put my discord in. Nado#9659. And yes I will pay before you send the blender file.

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  • Do we have to make an interior?
  • Can we make only 1 model and send it to you? For example if I were to make only one tank for you would I get paid for it?

I personally think for what you’re asking for is worth more than 40k. But we all have our own opinions I suppose.

No interior. Anyways its closed now I found people.

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