[HIRING] [5K] Room Builders for Find The Button

Looking for room builders for Find The Button

About Us

Hello! We are PR studio, the studio behind the game Find The Button (Find The Button - Roblox). The game is based on rooms. In the room, you look for a button, and if you find it, you click on it. Then the door to the next room will open, and your journey continues!

The Team
@prmoha747 Owner/Builder
@Boele009 Co-owner/Programmer
@Innovatement Developer

About The Job

We are looking for builders that can make rooms for us. We will provide you with a standard-sized room, which you can decorate/theme to an experience for the player.

Some rooms, to get an idea of what I said

For more rooms, take a look in our game (link in About Us)

We would like you to make a whole mode, which consist of 24 rooms. We would like the rooms to have 1 overlapping theme, for example: around the world, western, under the sea, transport, prison; if you could think of a better theme, be sure to include it!
You can use assets you made previously for this job, provided that it is in the current theme (but since you can choose the theme yourself, you probably can)


Ofcourse, we will give you the deserved respect in-game: every room made by you will have your name in it, and you will be featured on our in-game credit board.
But I think the robux is more important :wink:. We offer you 5k for a completed mode, that consist of 24 rooms.
If you’re halfway done with your mode, we will pay you the first half, and you then send the first 12 rooms to us.

Contact Us

If you want to apply, please send me a message, here on the developer forum. Please include previous work (a portfollio or screenshots), and the theme of the mode you would like to build. I will try to reply within 1 day.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your reply! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m interested in the job, but I like that they pay me half first and the other when I finish because I don’t want to be cheated, that’s why it’s the precaution discord: ronald_YT#4379

Interested in this job. Please contact me on discord: artem#0059.

Or here if you prefer.

Hello, I’m interested, contact me on discord nikopacito#8737.

I this job still open? If so, im interested!
I might need some more time due to school and stuff.

Discord: RoccoDeK04#4027

Hi there! I’m interested in this job. Here is my porfolio:[CLOSED] Maenaryz building portfolio | commissions and my discord is: nova;#8781 . Please friend me.

Hello, I’m interested in making some rooms for you! Please message me back Age: 17

I would love to have a go! My discord is MrSquirrel#7131 I think i’d be able to match that style!

Ill link my portfolio once we begin discussing on discord.

Hope to work with you!

I’m interested, my discord is rene artois#7203. My portfolio is accessible via my devforum profile

Hello, I am a builder, this is very interesting to me, contact me on discord at eliisacompleteweirdo#6823 I sincerely hope to work with you!

Hello there, I am interested. Please contact me through Discord: Brendan#0001.

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