Hiring a 2D Character Artist — Direct Payment

Thank you for your interest. This position has now been filled.

Quick summary:
Two original 2D character designs, static, each with 5 distinct poses to use as a guide / tutorial buddy for a city-building game. £50+ GBP ($65+ USD) payment for the 10 images. Possibility for ongoing future work.

About Us

Hey! I’m the lead developer of BanTech Systems, a game development studio on Roblox. You might know me / us from Beyond The Blox podcast, or from our work on Stepford County Railway.

We’re working on our first big in-house title, Skylines - a city-building game reminiscent of SimCity, Cities: Skylines, Megapolis, etc. It’s a bit of a mash up of the best features of each, along with some new features that I’ve designed.

The Skylines Team
@BanTech - Lead Developer
@Urbanize - 3D Modelling

The game will soon be available to test as an Alpha version.

About the Job

One of the things we would like to include in the game to make it a little more personable and to help with the tutorial mode in particular is to have a set of 2D characters that you can pick from to be your guide/advisor throughout the game.

Here's a couple quick examples to give some inspiration and help describe what we're after:

For this initial work package, I’m thinking:

  • 2 characters - one male-like and one female-like. Both fairly professional yet friendly. Slightly closer to smart-casual than a full suit.
  • 5 poses per character:

I’d call them: default, money, construction, megaphone, gift.

Ideally the images should be in a vector format to allow us to use any size and to easily swap out the background / have it transparent. The character does not need to be as realistically coloured and shaded like those examples - it can be much flatter in design, perhaps like this or this.


We will pay you at least £50 GBP for the 10 images as a one-off payment, based on you giving plenty of time and thought into the design. It can increase as necessary to give you the time to focus and do a good job. We can stretch to 3 figures for a mind-blowingly good design if there was the possibility of doing more work in the future with the designer.

Our preferred payment method is direct bank transfer, but for the right designer we can be flexible. We will offer a contract for you to sign that will guarantee payment for the assets you’ve created.

Contact Us

You can contact myself here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter. The chosen candidate would ideally have Discord for more frequent contact after being hired.

Ideally you should be 16 years or older to apply. If you are under 16 we may ask for a parent or legal guardian to sign the contract on your behalf.

Additional Jobs in Future

There is scope for further work in the future, such as more poses, more characters, and creating promotional graphics for advertisement on the Roblox website, in-game and on social media. We’d discuss the exact terms of this after the first two characters have been complete.

If we choose to go down the route of further ongoing work for more poses, more characters and other graphic design work, payment can either be fixed amount or percentage-based once the game has launched provided you maintain a contracted minimum level of output. The exact amounts would be negotiated based on the quality shown in the first work package.

Thank you for your time and your application! :slight_smile:


DM’d you over twitter! Seems like a great job, thanks for posting here :slight_smile: @Ristartte is my twitter username as well ^^

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Hi! I am very interested in this job and it seems fun to do! My discord is bionic#9528 and my portfolio can be found here: [OPEN] Graphic Designer Portfolio (For Hire!). I look forward to working with you :smile:

Thanks for the interest. This position has now been filled.


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