Hiring a development team!

Hey there! My name is Crrustyy, and I am the Owner of the new studio BigR Studios! I am the builder for this studio, as a result of the new Code Moderator Bot thing that took me away from programming. This is a brand new studio, aiming to provide the best quality content on ROBLOX!

The Project

I have set my eyes on many projects in the past, but I believe that this one will get released.

Game overview

This game is set on an Island, home to an active volcano. You get stranded, and have to build a home to survive… within 7 Days otherwise the volcano will erupt and destroy you. There are mines you can go in, get ores etc… but when it comes down to survival, your escape is key. On the last day, your aim is to build a boat to escape.
Other details will be provided later.

The Job

As the lead programmer, you would have to cover all/most of these jobs:

  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Hydration levels - (Overtime you get thirsty if you don’t drink)
  • Hunger levels - (Overtime you get hungry if you don’t drink)
  • Building System
    More jobs will open when others are completed.

I am not only looking for a programmer though, I am looking for a friend - someone who will stand by me through the release of the game, and future updates, meaning at least a year’s worth of Partnership. We will attend regular voice calls when developing together, and we will both run the server and twitter channel.

Terrain Artist
You’re job is to provide a desert island with a volcano. It must include:

  • Volcano
  • Water
  • Sand for the shores
  • Tree areas


I am afraid I can’t afford payment as of yet , but will soon be able to. However, with this project planned out, and if it goes according to plan, we will be able to each have enough to DevEx. If applying, please be patient with payment. :smiley:

  • 30% of income (Investors and donators will help with advertisements) for the scripter
    20% of income for the terrain artist


You can contact me via:
DevForum: @Crrustyy
Discord: Crrustyy#0447
Email: rtaylor1441@gmail.com

You must be 15 Years or older and have a minimum of 6 months Experience in Lua.

Thank you for reading!

  • Crrustyy

I feel a 2 year experience with roblox lua is too high. There can be programmers that are professional even at 6 months of coding.

Maybe lower it to at least 6 months or 1 year.

I have changed it! Thanks for helping me realise this!

This could depend on what’s needed to be done. He could be asking for 2 years of expertise because of the difficulty level of the programming.

Also, need a Music Composer? @Crrustyy

I may need one, yes! Contact me through the given information.

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The difficulty is not too difficult.
You can learn how to do a day and night cycle easily, and for hydration levels/hunger levels, you could use a loop that lowers your hunger/hydration.

EDIT: Wait, just read through the post again and decided not to be hired. Sorry!

Hey there. I am interested! I am assuming that you need smooth terrain, so I would be the perfect landscaper for you! Here is my portfolio (includes prices & contact): (OPEN) Landscaper PerfectlyBlack

I would like to admit that I still want to discuss the payment, since I am not a fan of percentages.

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I’m interested in being the scripter

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Contact me through the given information!