HIRING A LOW POLY BUILDER 7K + 15% (Long-term)

Hi, i’m intrested for the role of GFX artist, my discord is FK#0902

That sounds like a neat game idea,hope you find the developers you’re looking for!

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Thanks i hope i will find them so i can make the game

I’ve added you on discord.

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Added. kirsa#0041 (30characterssss)

I am Interested In UI designing/gfx artist you can see my portfolio here : Cheap gfx! Pikachuraya / Commissions for Thumbnails and Icons

:smiley:Im looking forward to work with you DIscord BloxsDevs#8239

sure , i will check it out nut my main focus for now is a builder


ok sounds good (30charssssssss

Interested in builder position, added you on discord w38552#5424

Sent a friend request on discord, my tag is Lava#0003

Interested, shoot me a message on discord. 6QL4#0001. I can be your builder.

Here is my portfolio if you havent found anyone for gfx:| Experienced graphics designer | [CLOSED]

I am interested in the work I leave you my portfolio Lasdark17 | Artist ,logo designer, 2D,designer miniatures GFX| Portfolios - #2 by Ulxqra

hi I am intersted i added you my username is syed1235t#4365

I’m interested as a builder; contact me: SolarFlash12#6405

Im interested. My portfolio > [FOR HIRE] GoofyLorrd's Building Portfolio

Hi there!

I am KDBgames and I am scripter in Roblox. I am a Roblox scripter sinds 2018. (2 years)
I love the game idea! I think the came will become populair because of the idea. If we then spend some R$ on ads, it will become automatic populair.


This is my portfolio:

Last thing

The payment. I think 20% is a bit low if there is only 1 scripter for the game. We need to talk about the payment later.

Sure i have added you , accept my request

Hi im interested u can check my portfolio here GFX Artist For Hire - FireAtacck discord FireAtacck#7601

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