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About Me

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Hi there! I am offering my services as a Scripter and/or animator and/or Debugger. I can create saves, level system, leaderstats, shops, simulators, NPC’s, animations, tycoons and more. In summary, a lot. I have been scripter since 2016 (and since 2018 on Roblox) and have previously worked on small games from my own. But I would like to work in a team.

Real life

In my real life am I not at work. I am from 2004 and I am a boy.
I program as Hobby. I started programming in 2016.

My program skills
  • JavaScript:
    since 2016

  • HTML 5:
    since 2016

  • CSS 3:
    since 2016

  • LUA (roblox):
    since 2018

  • Python:
    since 2019



You can view my assets here: The Group (Rshop online - Roblox)
I also halped creating a game: this game (Aely's Resort Roleplay! - Roblox
My recent activity: A Sandbox Tycoon (Camping Tycoon [Test place] - Roblox)
I have a lot of others projects, but they are just some tests. Send me a message if you want more assets.
(in contact)


All my animations:

Do NOT use them. If you pay me, you can use them. (see “Payment”)

Something else:

link: KDBgames | 3D map creator / map designer


I am mostly available on the weekends or after I finish school. My Weekday hours are 5:00pm- 8:30pm. My Weekend hours are 11:00am - 8:30pm. (UTC +1)

MY DREAM: work in a big team. Making a good game and have fun with programming.

My school work will be on the First place. If I have noting to do for school, I can work on projects.

My timetable (UTC +1)
  • Weekday: [full]

    • closed
  • Weekend: [full]

    • closed

Need Help

What do I do if I need help?
First of all I almost never give up!
I’m looking at Roblox’s DevForum and Developer Hub. If I still can’t find what I need. I watch on YouTube. But if it can’t be found there either. I will NOT give up!
I will continue with the following and will return to it later. Sometimes by waiting (eating, sleeping, …) it comes to my mind.


Prices are negotiable, I accept only robux or PayPal.

My payment for Scripting
  • If I need to script UI, it is a easy UI-designe. I am not a UI designer, I am a scripter.

  • 1 time works:
    You can talk about the price

  • always updating:
    40% of the Robux we get from the game (for life!) [for head-scripter]
    25% of the Robux we get from the game (for life!) [for second scipter]

My payment for Animations
  • Combat Animations: 2-4K Robux for two animations
  • Emotes: 1-2.5K Robux for one animation
  • Dances: These really depend so my pricing can be anywhere from 1K to 7K robux.
  • Movement Animations: This includes walking, running, etc 2K-7K robux for 2 animations
  • Weapon Animations: I really price these similar to combat animations. But again it varies a lot, if your looking for a simple sword animation, or some type of jump-twist animation then it can be anywhere from around 1-4K robux.

1K robux = 3,5€
(more payment/animation = more detailed)
Discount: 5 animations = 4 + 1 free (the middle price one)

My payment for Debugging
  • 1 time works:
    2500 Robux or 25$ for 1 day work


If you want some more info?
Just contact me here on the Developer Forum or via one of this links below.

Contact Links

I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for viewing my portfolio. :wave:


Do you have discord?

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I have Discord. You can see my username in contact links. Here is a Quote.

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Hey, I was wondering if you were hireable.

Looking forward to your reply!

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Are you still accepting requests? You look like a very promising candidate and fit every checkbox that I look for when searching for a scripter to hire.

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No, sorry. I am already in a project. I changed my Portfolio.

Sorry, I am already in a project. I can still script some small things. But not a full game.

Can you scriptc + animate some weapons? Hiring Gunsmith | When Dust Settles {Also Hiring Sr. Scripter} - #6 by EternalCanadianDev

If so, contact me EternalCanadianDev#1541

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I will take a look. Thanks for reply to this post.

Hello! I’ve added you on discord, Harmless_Sound#6196

Your work looks nice.

Sincerely Soundlikeyou.

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Hello I have a few questions, are you able to fully script a simulator and do you accept percentages (30%)

yes, I accept %. You can see my payment in the Payment thing.

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