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I’m Sam. I’ve been a programmer on Roblox for around 4 years and I like to say I’m relatively skilled, although, I’ve lacked in math for a long time. I know getting better at math would open a whole world of new possibilities for me and not being great at it is really holding me back from getting better.

I’m “hiring” a tutor to hang out in a discord call with me and step me through things like relatively complex camera manipulation and trig. I’m a relatively fast learner as long as I have somebody to guide me through it and help me understand it thoroughly.

I’m pretty flexible and I think it’ll come down to how long it takes and what we go over. (I’m fine with paying in real currency or Robux.)

Contact Information
If you’re interested, please shoot me a message on the Developer Forum. If you want to send me a message on Discord (Samuel#0440), you’ll have to be in a mutual server.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to possibly learning from you!

Have a good one,


Have you ever tried Khan Academy? You can learn trig and other math subjects through lessons taught there for free, don’t think you should have to pay someone for wanting to advance your knowledge. w


I have taken a look at Khan Academy, although I think I would rather learn on a more familiar platform with things I can apply the math to. (if that makes any sense)

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Hello Sam, I’ve sent you a private message. In real life, I am a British maths tutor for GCSE students in real life and I have sent you a private link to my (maths) tutor website. You can also hear my voice (from my 1867 website) to help you decide whether you can tolerate my British accent and verbal mannerisms:

I am not after any financial reward and I would be prepared to assist you for free in return for programming support for the 1867 project that I am working on.

I believe by reading your post that you are American (due to the lack of an S on the word ‘maths’) and so I appreciate that I might not be your best choice, due to problems with time zones. I am happy to voice on Discord (to discuss this further and see if our time zones are suitable) and to offer any mathematical/trigonometry support in voice, if that is what you want.


Note for all Dev forum members:

I’ve texted Sam on Discord and he has explained that he would prefer a maths tutor who has a strong background in software programming. Therefore, we have decided that he ought to continue looking for a tutor. Therefore, I am replying to this post to explain to other Dev Forum members, that this post is still open and Sam is still looking for support.

Good luck to you, Sam, in finding suitable mathematical support. :slight_smile:


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