Hiring a modeler for a quick build [Closed]

Hiya, I’m C0lvy123, a semi experienced scripter. I’m currently working on a game called flappy noob. The game is pretty similar to flappy bird, only you spawn as a noob and not a bird. There will also be a lot of other changes, here are some:

  1. You can customize your noob by buying accessories/flying effects from the shop.

  2. I’m thinking of adding a racing mode, where you can fly with other people and see who gets the farthest. The other noobs will be slightly transparent, so you can clearly see which one is yours.

  3. Obviously, you spawn as a noob, and not a bird.

So far, all I’ve finished with is the flying system:

I haven’t made the finishing touches yet, but it’s still decent.

I’m looking for a modeler that can build me an R6 noob rig that I can use. I don’t just want a classic roblox noob though, the noob should have a bigger head, and a smaller body to make it more cartoonish. Since this is a very quick job, I’m paying 100 r$. I can pay through buying an asset you’ve made, I’ll have to spend around 145 r$ so after the 30% tax you’ll have made 100 r$. DM here or on discord if interested: TheBruckTruck#4566

Thanks for reading!

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hey can i get hired? i really want to get hired.

:happy2: Still Hiring ??? Yes or No im a good builder.

Dm me either here or on discord, let’s talk there

I can help you if you want as I really need to earn. Sorry I don’t have discord. I am a good builder too.

Dm me and let’s talk about it (30 character)

OK send friend request acept im this guy whit japanese letters

Please talk to me through private messages.

Roblox or discord cuz idk so much Roblox or Discord???

Either one. Also please stop replying so much on this thread.

Hello I’m interested ! I can make building . I just dm you .

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