Hiring a scripter for legends studio (25% to 40%) of each game revenue

Legends Studio

About us

hi there we are a group of 107 people we get a few members per day and work on games daily

The Team

  • @Faczki
  • @noobienooob
  • @fronmd
  • @SkullyGamingDM
  • @Dabbingdumb
  • Were currently working on 3 games at the moment

    About the job

    You must be 13 years or older Must have 1 year of scripting experience You must be good at scripting


    Theres a payment but the payments will be different for each game but the minimum is about 25% to 40% of the revenue earned And you”ll be payed in robux


    Discord - SkullyGamingDm#7306 If that doesnt work say your name in the chat

    I guess you kinda need a logo designer I am a logo designer so you can DM me if designer is needed Kamazeyt#6547

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    Yeah sure i need one the other i hade retired i think so sure

    I’ll accept Dm’s tomorrow coz I got some problems on my discord at the moment.

    So you’re saying you wanna hire me?

    I just want you to know that I make logos mostly are texts and not gfx cuz my platform is not compatible on blender.

    Yeah add me in discord and send me some of your designs of logos

    okay, I’ll send you tomorrow. Cya

    Alright cya thanks for applying to

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