Hiring a Scripter for Legends Studio

Hi, we are Legends Studio we work really hard on all of our games and make a bunch of cool and fun games too play!

We want to hire you to become a developer for our group and help make our future games!

We are working on

  • Obby Trial
  • Speed Run Mania
  • Legends Difficulty Chart Obby
  • Dominus Lifting Legends


  • You get payed a certain amount of robux for each thing you script
  • You will get payed in robux not percentage
  • If you want a different way we can discuss it in discord

Rules for being a developer for Legends Studio!

  • You can not quit during the making of a game
  • You cant be a developer for a bunch of people, unless your not too busy
  • You got to work 2-3 days a week on our games
  • All so you gotta be active at least 1-2+ hours almost every day

Contact me

  • you will be contacting me from discord at SkullyGames#7306


  • If you have any trouble with adding me on discord just message me on dev forum and say your discord name
  • All so if you got any questions add me on discord or say them here
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