Hiring a scripter for our mining game

Hello! We’re hiring for programmers to aide us in coding a new mining simulator game.

Our budget is 30K R$ and we were looking for someone who can:
Code leaderboards (Imagine tracking of blocks mined, total rebirths, total cash earned, and total time played).
Code the mining system

  • Spawning of blocks: The mine starts at base level (0m) and can only spawn blocks below that level. We haven’t yet decided the rates or what ores appear at what altitude values, but you should be able to code this.
  • Block parts: This includes block values(How much a player receives for selling it) and thickness (Example, a tool can only mine 2 blocks at a time and a block has a thickness of 15, meaning they have to mine through it 7 times).
  • Resetting the mine: After x blocks are mined, players are kicked out of the mine and all the blocks are removed


  • Tools and backpacks: Tools which dictate how fast a player can mine a certain block and how much strength it has, as well as backpacks for how much storage a player can hold. Prices should scale up with rebirths.
  • Coin values and a separate sell/buy area(Sell ores in one spot, buy items in another).

Other features:

  • We’re looking to include pets/eggs into the game and these will be able to adjust the value of blocks, the player’s mining speed, and tool strength
  • Rebirth: Classic rebirth once, double cash, 2.01x price to rebirth again.
  • Portals. Players can teleport to different worlds through portals
  • Trading: Not needed on launch but it would be useful to have someone who can do this.

Contact us:

blue moon#3180

Feel free to ask us for any clarifications!


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