Hiring a team for my game in progress

I am the owner of a development group named Faruque Games. I am currently the only developer and am looking for others to assist in completing a game in progress. The game is named Gem Hunters, a team-based round game with two teams.

The function of the game is as follow:

Once a player is in the game, the game will not start unless there are two people.

Once two players or more are in, a countdown starts. Once that count down of 15 seconds ends, you are prompted to select an ability. There are currently three abilities; Stun, Speed, and Jump Boost. All powers are able to be upgraded via coins from the shop. More abilities are also in consideration.

After the select power prompt timer ends, everyone is divided into two teams evenly. Depending on what team you are put on, you will receive one of the following prompts.

If you are on team hunter, you are spawned with a pickaxe and have to wait 10 seconds before you are able to move. If you are new to the game, you are spawned with the default starter pickaxe. The tool will be in your backpack. You are to use your pickaxe to hit players on the crystal teams and deal damage until they reach 0 health points. You earn coins through kills and damage done to the crystals. The video demonstrates the hitting and the end of the round menu.


If you are instead placed on team Crystal, you are spawned as a crystal as a random color. You are able to move immediately. If you are to die, you respawn as a hunter. If you survive the whole round you are given a bonus of coins.

The game ends once one of the following happens:
The number of players on either team is < 1
The timer ends


There are two currencies in the game. Coins and Gems. Coins are earned through playing a round, getting kills, and surviving. The longer you survive as a crystal the more coins you are given. You are also able to purchase coins. Gems on the other hand are earned by gathering throughout the maps and buying them.

The currencies are used to purchase pickaxes, pets, and trails.
Here are the pets in action:

Pets follow you in the lobby and throughout rounds. They provide no advantage and are just cosmetic.

The Trails:


The Pickaxes:


The shop looks as of now:

The gamepasses consist of Rainbow crystal, double XP, double coins, and cosmetic packs.

The game currently has 5 maps. All are free model maps that I have edited to fit the game style until I am able to afford maps as they are expensive or am able to get a builder-developer. The art was done by an artist commissioner. ( Lenaii #3500). The lobby was also a commission that I paid for by
efeteyzexd (Fiver).

The pet models are a combination of free assist with some I paid for. All of the pickaxes were made by me.

The only way I will be paying is through profit from the game. I am unable to pay at the moment, and pay isn’t guaranteed as I am not sure how well the game will do once finished so keep that into consideration. If you are interested in joining, go on my profile and go to the server linked within the group to contact me.

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