[Hiring] A Variety of Long-Term Developers for a Large Game



Over the past few years, Roblox games has been degrading. In my opinion, games and focus have driven away from the most important aspect of games. They should be fun. I am not here to point fingers, and I do expect a lot of complaints. In its current stage, 90% of the games you see being played are more or less the same. They are focused on the business aspect, whether as a cash grab simulator or as a cash grab RPG game. The focus has generally been centered around profit and taking money from kids. In addition, these are short term games. If this game dies, we’ll make another one for profit. I remember at least 10 years ago, when while quality of games were lower, Roblox was more widespread. You had more people playing. You have parent playing with kids, and it was more focused on Quality of Life than Profit of Life.

In addition, there was more creativity. Now in an attempt to achieve the better game, players are copying each other’s ideas in order to make a “better version” of their idea.

Another problem with the good, original games that are trying to come out is that they are hardly successful. It usually is a fault within the dev team. This can be from lack of planning, lack of incentive, lack of work ethic, and many other factors. This could also be a fault within the premise of the community. The game just isn’t popular, or the team can’t get updates out in time to meet the demands of the community. The final problem, would be the leader of the Developer Team. The leader of the developer team much be strong willed, as to not be pushed around. The leader must be able to make appropriate decisions that doesn’t hinder the team, nor the game potential. They must take an appropriate stand on game decisions and suggestions for the sake of the game and the community. While it is fine to listen and consider decisions of the community, it is important to take a stand on what to accept and what to reject. At the same time, it is adverse to the development of the game to block out the community as a whole. It is all about balance and knowing how to be in control when leading these sort of things.

What should Roblox be and what makes Roblox so great of a Resource?

The nice thing about Roblox is that it is an easy-to-use platform that gives young children a first-hand experience, a leap into the Game Development World. Players are more upfront and live in developing games, compared to using different interfaces such as Scratch and Unreal. The platform is simple enough where young developers can flourish. The current problem is that < 1% of the player community are composed of developers which also shows for the lack of games. Aspiring game developers shouldn’t be limited to simple mechanics of Roblox, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get first-hand experience. Roblox is a flexible platform where there are plenty of customizable things a player can do. This goes from custom art, UI, Rigs, Models, and etc. Compare it to a game such as Minecraft where art and design is limited to pixelated blocks, voxels, and Cube Maps. The Developer Exchange Program is a cool resource for players as young as 13 to earn some coin on the side. But it should not be the focus of Game Development, especially in Roblox. Players will earn a lot more working for professional Game Development companies than Roblox.

My Roblox Development Background

Unfortunately, my development background to show is fairly small.
I mainly do some scripting commissions here and there.
I am also a co-scripter of a game called Astral:Hearts.
Astral Hearts: Origin - Roblox

We are Hiring the following:

Some people may be able to fit one or more roles.

  • Environmental Builders - Terrain Builder
  • Environmental Builders - 3D Models
  • Clothes Designer
  • Graphics Designer [Optional]
  • Sound effects
  • Male Voice Actor
  • 3D Modeler - Specializes in Custom Rigs/Mobs
  • 3D Modeler - Specializes in 3D Meshes for Armor and Accessories
  • 3D Modeler - Specializes in Weapons
  • Conceptual Artist
  • Polylingual Translators

About Us

Hello all, apologies for the lengthy introduction. We are Lost In Time Studios (LiT Studios). The game we are making is truly a massive one. This will be a long-term game.

Archaic Revelations (ARE-KAY-IK REV-EL-AY-SHENS)

About the Game

It is a large, complicated, Open World MMORPG game. Indeed, Archaic Revelations is a complicated name and most likely difficult to pronounce for most. In general, we will abbreviate AR. Who knows, I would be glad for people to mistake AR for Archaic Revelations instead of Augmented Reality. As a whole, the name explains the game.

I rather not disclose the primary objective of the game upfront. All I can provide is that it will be a multi-part storyline that ties together single player and multiplayer games. The game will enforce collaboration between players. Many ideas have yet to flourish and further develop as the game goes on. The goal is to provide a quality, optimized game for players that provides a fun, challenging aspect to gameplay. I cannot provide details directly, due to links that violate the Forum Rules, but you can contact me via Contacts at the bottom of the page. I do have a 70-page Design Document that covers most of the game, with room to flatten out specifics. It is public, but I cannot provide it in this post since it may possess content that violates forum rules. I also possess a trello for planning.

Overall the game will seem impractical on the Roblox platform, but it is all the better.

For the fun of it, we might sneak of references to other games and stuff in the future! :slight_smile:

I am open to Game Suggestions, but I refuse to sacrifice the quality of the game to make things easier. Once the ideas on the Design Doc are implemented, will I be looking towards the community.

As this is a massive game, there will be 3 primary obstacles we will encounter.

  1. Optimization

  2. Exploitation

  3. Securing the Player Base and promotion of the Game

Most of these have been accounted for, but overall the game will require lots of testing and playing around.

As the game is intended to have a challenging aspect to it, it is likely to be more focused towards the older audiences of 10+. I still think we underestimate the younger audience though. We will have to play around with the tutorial aspects in an attempt to engage the younger audience as well.

The Team

@DarkLizz- Programmer/Project Lead
Vacant - Environmental Design - Terrain Builder
Vacant - Environmental Design - Models
Vacant - Animator
Vacant - Sound Effects
@Mukar - Music Producer
Vacant - Graphics
@jeraemiel - Costume Clothing Designer
Vacant - Clothes Designer
Vacant - 3D Modeler: Custom Rigs/Mobs
Vacant - 3D Modeler: Armor and Accessories
Vacant - 3D Modeler: Weapons
@sliceofbliss - Trial Dev: 3d Modeling Weapons
Vacant - Male Voice Actor(s)
@PugAddictVivi - Female Voice Actor(s)/Sfx
Vacant - Female Voice Actor(s)
Vacant - Concept Artist(s)

We do offer Trial Services for other roles for aspiring developers, but we are looking for necessary developers to fill in the above roles.

At this moment in time, there are no limits towards the number of developers for any of the roles.

As I am a lone programmer, there isn’t really much I can show about the game. All I can provide is that it will be slow-moving and a work in progress, but we will be working to completion.

About The Job

All positions will more or less be associated with an interview in addition to the Google Form Application to see if you will fit the vibe of the team.

Background checks will also be conducted as necessary, especially on Modelers to guarantee the ingenuity of the models. I have a strict policy when it comes from stealing work. It is suggested to provide original models, you can even sign it. No work will be used without the approval of the creator.

Communication Skills are absolutely necessary.

Must speak English.

Must have an aspiring, creative, and open mindset.

Professionality and Maturity should be a given.


Minimal Criteria:

  • Experienced in Skeletal-Based Animations

  • Experienced in a variety of Animations and Animation Styles

Why Skeletal-based versus posed?

The problem with pose-based animation styles is that it isn’t as fine-tune. It is more difficult to accurately stop an animation midway and track where I am in the animation, versus a skeletal-based animation.

I will be developing my own plugin/platform for how we will be doing Animations. We will not be using Roblox’s Animation Studio nor Moon’s Animation Suite. I don’t think we will be using blender animations as I don’t find animations based on keyframes to be accurate enough to keep up with our design. I will be training our Animators on using our Animation Plugin once it has been completed.

Environmental Design

Minimal Criteria:

Experienced in at least one of the Following:

  • Terrain Building

  • Texturing

  • Lighting

  • General Aesthetics

  • Beams, Rays, and Explosions with Restraint and Optimization

  • Building with Models (Blender)

  • Other Building Aspects

  • Quality & Optimization

The map itself will be zone based. The general environment and ground will be built with the Terrain editor. Regions will be rendered by Voxel. Buildings, trees, and etc will be built from Mesh Models. We will not be specifically using Roblox parts and unions for the models and buildings.

Sound Effects

Minimal Criteria:

  • Have a Microphone

  • Recording software

  • Able to make a variety of sounds of varying pitch through voice or software


Minimal Criteria:

  • Some legitimate Graphics Program i.e Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Experienced in graphical tools such as blurring, noise, blooming effects, etc.

  • Experienced Artist

Will likely be commissioned based.

3D Modeling

Minimal Criteria:

  • Experienced in Blender

  • Able to make quality, yet low poly models.

The idea is that while the models are low poly, they give the illusion/appearance of a higher poly model. This generally is more specific to smooth shading and texturing.

Please provide Tris count for each model.

I suggest showing finished models as well as Tris Count.

In due time, we expect simple assets to take up to a day, larger assets (like bosses) would be longer.

In due time, we expect simple assets to take up to a day, larger assets (like bosses) would be longer.


Concept Artist
  • Good Artist (Obviously)

  • Able to comprehend English Descriptions to create Drawings better than my basic Layouts.


  • Experience with an Adobe program such as Photoshop or Illustrator

If its paint, drawings better be good.

Would be a bonus if you could create UI designs as well in Studio, but not required.

For drawing concepts, it will generally be a back and forth communication to ensure the necessary requirements are met for each design.

If an applicant shows promise, but doesn’t quite meet the criteria, we can offer to hire you as a Trial Developer.

Trial Developer

Trial Developer is the same thing as “Developer-in-Training”.

You will be treated similar to a developer. You will be expected to require more time to do your work (but you should probably finish before I do). I have resources, we are willing to work with you to bring you up to speed within the bounds of the criteria. I will be picky with assets. You will only be paid for successful assets/commissions early on. Unsuccessful assets will not be used, but you can keep them for your use. Payment will be the same as every other developer. We essentially will test you to see if you can reach the point of a solid, reliable developer.


As there is lots of programming necessary, primary delays will be centered around the programming aspect. It will be slowgoing early on, please bear with. I don’t limit developers strictly to my team, so long as work is done as necessary, and you are available as necessary.

I am flexible, and negotiations can almost always be made once in the team! :slightly_smiling_face:

Applications will likely never be closed.

Applications are reconsidered when considering positions.

We do permit applicants to edit their applications at their discretion.

Here is the link to the application form.


This may be a turning point for a lot of you. I am indeed looking for a certain criteria for the game. One of them is developers that aren’t focused on the money aspect.

Think of this as an internship. You will receive plenty of experience with us in the game development business, with some extra coin along the way.

How payments will work is starting out, as this isn’t a legitimate game as of yet, developers will receive starting payments on a commission-basis. Developers will receive payments only on successful commissions. Rejected commissions won’t be paid for, nor will they used. Should the game be successful, you will be asked to continue long-term and certain positions will also be paid based on a % of the group revenue or commissions.

Models, clothes, and other meshes will be paid by commission, but preferably with the same developer.

The given positions (and other appropriate positions) will be commission-based:

  • Modelers

  • Graphics

  • Music

  • Clothes

  • Dialogues and Sound Effects

Builders and Programmers and some other positions would transition to % based payment.

All paid assets are restricted to the game and cannot be used for other purposes. You won’t be permitted to use assets outside the game for other games. Portfolios are fine. If you wish to showcase your work to others, that is fine as well.

Should the game be unsuccessful, I’ll simply be going back to the drawing board (as I don’t plan on giving this one up).

As stated above, this will not be a pay to play game. You will be paid fairly among your peers. Just do not expect to be making the big bucks. Each of us will receive our fair share of payment. Starting payments will be in Robux (or USD). Robux will primarily be earned through donations and gamepasses.

It is possible in the future, there may be other forms in payment relating to USD as I do have a viable PayPal.]

Commission payments may increase depending on the amount of revenue generated within the game.

Payments will mostly be out of my own pocket. After our first release, I’ll be searching for sponsors to help fund the project. If I can accumulate enough sponsors, that would generally mean I can increase the payment rates.

What to expect from me:

I will be willing to dedicate time outside of work to work on the game. As I said, updates will be slow-going, but I will keep the team up to date as often as possible. I will be a fair developer. I don’t play favorites, everyone will receive their fair share of payment. My developers will receive the necessary kindness and fairness they deserve.

Contact Us

For more information regarding the Development or the Game:

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or other forms of contact:







While I provide my discord, I rather not have a ton of random friend requests. If you want me to check the friend request, please reply on the DevForum post as well or like it so I know to check. I prefer you all apply through the Google Form. Generally I’ll only friend temporarily to redirect you to the server. My DMs are open though for now unless I get overwhelmed.

If you do send me a friend request, please message me either in devforums or twitter with your discord so I know who I am talking to.

As I currently have a lot of friend requests, you can also reply with your portfolio and I am willing to check them in due time.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Trial Developers applying for 3D Modeling for Custom Rigs and stuff

Please Note:

There are lots of details I left out or may have forgotten. Be sure to contact me in the future if you need more information!

Developer Application Form:


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Design Doc:

Click here for Design Document


I submitted a terrain builder application!

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Apocolypse Rising has sort of taken the cake as the AR of roblox

But as for the payment part of this ad, you’re very forthcoming and there’s some respect due for that, but some actual values to things like the percentages and the actual value of the robux/USD commission payment would be really helpful for people scoping out the job. It’s a lot of information to sift through and the real substance that’d interest developers is missing.

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I want to apply, but I’d rather not show my email. Can I send you a request on discord and talk more there? straw#6063

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I tried making a reply of that sort a while ago when I last posted the application, but I feel it might be outside my pay range, so I’ll have to re-look at the the payment criteria before providing actual payment values. I’ll edit the post when I straighten it out.

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I want to apply as a polylingual translator, but it’s impossible to include my portfolio, which is basically a devforum topic. Can I DM you on the devforum instead?

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Hello! I’ve contacted you!:

Scythe Slaying#5934

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