Hiring Advance Builder [50k-100k R$]

I’ve been working on a vibe game, and I seem I can’t really find the time to finish it.
I so far got half of it done. I just need someone to design the second floor and do the interior aside decorating it. Then you have to detail the roof.
After the roof and the second floor you will be required to look around the map making sure it’s well detail. If told to detail a error it’s expected to be detailed rather than say “I’m not commissioned to do this”. If you tend to act rude and very uncooperative or have a bad communication sense you will be removed from the commission without compensation pay.


Intermediate Blender Experience

Interior Development


3d Modeling

Great communication

Great Activity

The Build

Japanese/ LA loft style theme.

Modern furniture Theme

Size: Big

Progress: Almost done

Link: Dream Vibe - Roblox

Payment Information

50k-100k R$. ( You will not be paid until you finish the commission)
You are required to work on the get supervised on a Voice call.
You are required to work in the same Studio as the production the game is in.
Stealing assets, or using existing asset you’ve made you will be taken off the commission.

1 Week.

Contact: For instant response message me on the dev forum.
For, 1-2 day response add my discord Dreamlus#2015

Timezone : CST. Usually up until 5 am , then wake up around 9 am.

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