[HIRING] Advanced Scripter For A Shop System [R$]

Job Description

You will be scripting a FE compatible money system that cannot be exploited, everything must be server-sided and you must be a good scripter with a lot of experience. Details include:
-GUI Money Display (displays current amount of cash you have)
-Money handling script (saving cash, checking players cash when they join, etc…)
-Item GUI (GUI where you can purchase temporary tools to use in the game)
-Purchase Cash GUI (GUI where you can purchase cash via robux, can be included within the item GUI)
-Looking for a clean modern simplistic look (colors: black, white, gray, green, red)

Depends a lot on your experience and overall work. I will be paying via group funds, and currently can offer USD. Pay can range above 4KR$. I’m looking for highly skilled scripters.

Contact Me

Drop your discord tag below, and your current portfolio. I’ll be contacting you in the next day or so.



If you want something good message me:
@ Inc_X#8975

I don’t think your discord works

I edited it, it should work now.

Discord: oTaxaqs#5862! Hope to speak to you soon.

My discord is HendricoMaximus#3696 and my website is https://hendricmax.wixsite.com/uidesignscripting

A lot of the discord’s you guys are posting don’t even work

Hello, I am interested you can contact me trought discord.
This is my Portfolio.


I would like to apply for this my discord is Infrar#3439

I’ve sent a request to a few of you, so check your discord.

Hey! I’m really interested I have a lot of experience with shops(server side) my discord: Polaris#8465

Just a notice to all programmers,

Do not under value your work,

a system like this would be valued at least, the very least, 10,000 Robux or the USD equivalent. Also I noticed in the post you stated, “non-exploitable” in all reality a Anti-Exploit system is decently difficult for newer developers looking for commission’s.

If I wasn’t a programmer and someone made me a anti-exploit system, I’d give them 10,000 Robux just for that, it may be plausible that your funds are a little tight hence you’re paying 5,000 Robux, but just because you may be low on funds does not change the programmers skill.

Long story short, developers do not under value your work, if your skilled, be compensated for that skill.

(ps. i did notice you said you could raise the price, but really depending on the programmer and how good they are, they deserve a lot more then what this community has been giving them, also this post was not directed too you, just in general programmers should get what they’ve worked for.)

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I have 6 Years of Developing Experience in Animating, Scripting, Building, GFX Designing and Logo Designing. My Discord Is: Unique#2978

Portifolio: Gutoggg's Portifolio
Discord: Guto#6740

Contact me via discord: 卄ㄩ几ㄒ乇尺#3768.

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