[HIRING] Advanced Scripters

About Me

Hi there! My name is Jacob, and I have been playing Roblox for 7 years, and building on Roblox for most of that duration. I am hiring at least 1 very advanced scripter, for a big game job. I do not have any skills in coding whatsoever, except small and simple things, so I need major help, and I am willing to pay your price.

About The Job

We are looking for an advanced scripter with the skillset to code a sandbox style tycoon game. The vision for our game is to be well scripted, and it will be in the style of Retail Tycoon, My Supermarket, My Hospital, etc. Please message me, preferably on Discord to learn more about this job, and if you are interested.

Our game is still in progress, and not in a real rush. The assets we will require are but not limited to: A placement system, payout system (how a player makes money), NPC customers, shop and workers system, etc.


I am open to negotiation about payments. I can offer you a contract we are mutually sign stating that you will receive payment, once we come to an agreement.

Contact Info

You can contact me here, but it might take me longer to reply. I would prefer you to DM me on Discord.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.


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