Hiring an Advanced UI Designer [Closed]

About the Game and Community

Emergency Response: Liberty County is an emergency services roleplay game. In the game you can roleplay as a police officer, sheriff deputy, firefighter, paramedic, civilian, or criminal. The game is owned by the group Police Roleplay Community - run by myself, @Shawnyg, and @LostInfinity . In the game, players can own cars, weapons, and gear. The game consists of a lot of full screen GUIs as well as many persistent/HUD/popup GUIs.

About the Job

I will need the chosen candidate to remake the majority, if not all, of the GUIs in the game. No scripting is needed. I do not have a specific style in mind, but it will need to fit the game. We will talk about the details later in the hiring process. Functionality will remain similar to the current GUIs in the game, but style should change. They will need to scale properly with all screen sizes (with min/max sizes), remain in correct spots, etc, just as the current GUIs do. I understand it will be hard to get a feeling for the game and its UX being a paid access game. Here is a playlist of some gameplay videos. There are many more videos of the game on YouTube, so you should be able to get a good idea of the work needed.


I am offering a base pay of 25,000 Robux via group funds, however I am willing to pay all the way up to 150,000 Robux for top notch work. (Don’t come in expecting 100K from the start.) I do not prefer paying in USD, however it may be discussed.

How to Apply

Please apply if you are interested in the position at all. Unfortunately, I am unable to have my Discord DMs open to everyone, so I ask that you send me an email or DevForum message. In the email/message, you MUST include your past work examples and Roblox username (if email). It may be in any form you prefer. Please also mention any concerns you may have about the job so that I can address them quickly. I will try to respond to all applications within a day or two.

Email address: mrfergierblx@gmail.com

Thanks for reading,



I would love to do this for your, i think i suite the job. The only thing that doesnt suite my skills is the importing and scaling in games. But, if you are still interested in me, heres my portofolio (keep in mind that its a bit empty as of now, but i am hoping to add more of my work to it!): https://www.behance.net/faissalb

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I’m happy to apply for this position, but keep in mind that the examples I sent you through via email may be a little out of date. I can certainly design better-looking UI! :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you wanting these made in photoshop or in studio

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Either should be fine. I’ve never worked with GUIs made in Photoshop so I’m not sure how much of it is not editable and such. If you want to use PS, then you’ll just have to go over with me how it will be done and used.


Not to be critical of your recruitment post, but I find 25,000-100,000 Robux payment for an entire game’s UI remake staggeringly low. A full game remake with multi-platform scaling + client-side animations could cost 5x more than that if you’re expecting “Advanced UI Designer” level work. For normal UI designers, the payment seems appropriate.


I make GUI concepts in photoshop but they never convert well so if anything it would just be a concept if made in photoshop- if you’re going to pay a lot, make sure that they’re making the GUI in studio without the scripts.

Emergency Response is well made, im really enjoying it. i bet everyone does this but I suggest adding more ways to make money for criminals to mix things up. 400-500+ players at a time with paid access is really great but I guarantee once you make it free you’ll have thousands of concurrent players- if not front paging all togehter. Good luck with the project, if you need any marketing consulting with it feel free to reach out- i’ve front paged many times.

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I looked at the game and I really don’t see your point here, there really aren’t a giant amount of UI’s. You can hire some extremely good UI Developers from the Portfolio page for around this price range?

Not to mention he clearly states that he doesn’t need scripting done?


I’m pretty adept with UI design on photoshop, if you are still looking for someone, Lacrase#4281

Check my gallery out: https://www.deviantart.com/theteddavis

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