Hiring an Animator (CLOSED)


Alrighty, so I am going to keep this short but basically me and my partner @Tyfor_Dev are working on a survival game and require an animator to make quite a few animations.



You will be required to make several animations (Around 15/20) of good quality.

-Walk x2


Payment is only through group funds and will be 15k-20k for all animations required.


Discord nektxrios#7373
On DevForum


Bet, bet, bet!

Contacting you right now!!!


Sent you a friend request! I am definitely interested.

I’m interested, I’ve sent you a request on discord.

I am still looking for an Animator. Feel free to contact me if you are experienced with animating. Preferably through blender but not required.

Yet again reopened, struggling to find experienced animators please have experience when contacting me. I have 1 animator at the moment but I’d still like to keep my options open. (Vesteria is a good reference in terms of what type of animation I am looking for)

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Still looking for animator. Please contact me if you are fairly skilled at animating :slight_smile:

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I have a recommendation for an animator (may already be hired) he is @ScytheSlayin

Hi! Thanks for the recommendation! I already tried out for the job a while back!

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Hello I am interestted asked my friend request, Shim#7496

I’d Recommend @yelowfat Very Skilled and very fast.

I would just like 10k please. I added you on discord, parkerski#1862 and will devote 1-2 hours a day usually and I follow directions well and I am a very good animator. Looking foward to working with you. :smiley:

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