Hiring an animator (good with animal animations)

Hey experienced animators and/or people who know experienced animators. I am currently looking for someone who is very good with animal animations that is willing to rig and create a few animations for multiple animals within the coming days & weeks. I’m in a bit of a hurry so the faster the better. :wink:

Each animal will require a few animations; Idle (laying on the ground), eating, running, walking & mounting animation.

The payment can be negotiated between either USD or ROBUX. There is also the option of opting into a percentage of the game profits if when presented the game idea, and you feel like you’ll get more from a percentage.

Here are the animals that I have so far. A few more may be added or removed, not sure as of now but I’ll try to be as negotiable as possible with pay.

Animals for your viewing :)














Whoops I forgot to add a contact me section, but you can communicate with me through the following:

Twitter - @Pyroleak
Discord - Adam_#0284

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