Hiring an Artist for a Youtube Banner [ Closed ]

I’ve recently started a youtuber channel and I would like an artist to design my channel art/banner.

I will be paying 10-15k robux through tshirt (ill make up the tax)

Here is a reference:


This is literally just a reference it doesn’t have to look anything like this.

I would like it less girly and to suit the theme of my character as he needs to be featured on it too.

Profile: https://www.roblox.com/users/84982925/profile

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3lTku958ZVNWoymmczm_sA

It also needs to have my name (Vurse) on it as well.

Contact me:

Discord: nektxrios#7373


I am interested, I contacted you on discord, Crrustyy#0447

Hey there, still looking for a 2D artist?

I can create a wide range of styles when drawing banners, most definitely am not limited to just a simple cartoony look. If you are interested in my style, contact me at Foul#0347.

Portfolio: [OPEN] [USD Paypal] Jupiterc's UI & 2D Art (SATISFIED OR YOU DON'T PAY)

I have added you on discord.


This looks good. add me on discord Max Elk#9390

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