Hiring Animator (1-2k Robux per animation)

Greetings. Squidstar Arcade is a studio currently working on its first title, Bombshell. We are a small team consisting of three main developers who are @Squidzyee, @Cinema_Sin and @Kadravaa, and we also have a larger team of contractors who we utilise for our projects full of many respect developers.

This post is specifically for hiring an animator to work with the contracting team part-time, creating any animations that we require, with guaranteed pay close to your commission price. You will be creating animations for Bombshell, you can see some of the games progress below.


Bombshell - In Game Soundtrack - YouTube

Please do not enquire about any other positions if you are not an animator

  • A young, growing team (avg age. 14-15) full of talented developers and contractors.
  • A comfortable working environment that isn’t pressured and 100% flexible to your needs.
  • An engaging community who are passionate about our projects.
  • An environment where you can recieve constructive feedback and praise about your work.
  • Fair payment and your commission prices met.
  • The chance to contribute to our upcoming project - Bombshell.

You’ll be joining our team of contractors in creating animations for Squidstar Arcade. This is not a full time position, and is more of a working relationship. For the first commission, we’ll be requiring around 3-4 different throwing animations, and around 3 jumping animations such as flips for the gameplay.

We will be able to provide video references for you to base your animations off if you need them, and we can also help you by providing any other references that may help you best animate the actions we require. If needed, we can also provide the bomb assets already rigged to help you along. We are expecting these animations to be very fluid and done with the R15 body rig.

Upon a good result, we’re most likely going to need a lot more animations done so you may be re-contacted for further commissions if we decide to keep you as apart of the contracting team.

Payment is quite negotiable, but we’re expecting to pay around 750-1.5k Robux per animation. Whilst this rate might be lower for much more experienced animators, we will be willing to pay upwards of 2k Robux for exceptional animations that fit our criteria.

For around 6 animations, you can expect to be paid anywhere from 4-10k Robux

Unfortunately, whilst USD is mostly readily available as a payment option, we cannot provide this as a method of payment for this exact commission due to financial reasons,

If this offer interests you, please send your portfolio over to @Squidzyee on DevForum PM’s, with some reasons why you would be interested in working with the team and we’ll try to respond to everyone who applies.

Alternatively, you can message me on Discord (Squidzyee#8896) but please send your portfolio over upon contacting me so I don’t skip over your inquiry.

We’re looking for people around the ages of 13-18 to apply for this position.
We will not hire you if you are underaged!


Please do not come to us with silly offers, we are looking for someone who is experienced and mature – not a nuisance.

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You can also contact me on Discord if you’re interested. (Squidzyee#8896) We’re still hiring!

Still trying to find candidates, contact me if you’re interested in working with us.

I’m willing to make the animations for 1k each if you tell me what animations you want. I’ll send you a video of each one I do and you can decide which ones you want and which ones you want changed/redone

Send me your portfolio and a couple reasons why you would like to work for us, either in DevForum PM’s or on Discord. My contact information for Discord is in the original post.

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