[Hiring] Animator for open world PvP/PvE

About The Job

I’m currently seeking animators, modelers and builders for my newest project. Having a good imagination and passion is a prerequisite.


The project will include a fluid and snappy combat system. Animators will need to be very versatile and capable of doing various moves from melee (punches, kicks, sword slashes, etc.) to blocks, parries, flips, charges, blasts and whatever else the move set may demand. Animations will need to flow well with this style of gameplay for the most part, with the exception of more special and powerful moves.


This game will have a primarily steampunk/industrial vibe. Modelers will need to be able to model airships that the player will be able to operate and walk around inside. Airships will need to be fitted with weapons that will use constraints to move and airships will need to have designated locations for seating and driving. Assets will be low to medium poly, flat geometry.

The game will contain melee weapons, so I am looking for people who are hopefully versatile enough to do both airships and weapons.


As far as builders go, I’m looking for people who semi-detailed structures and plants. Performance is important. The game will have many biomes and will need a variety of houses, buildings, bridges connecting floating islands and foliage. Not every building will need to be enterable. Environments are destructible, but to conserve performance few structures and most foliage will be within this group. It would help if you are capable of alternating between builds and 3D models depending on what is required, but it’s obviously not a deal breaker. Builds need to be easily dragged around and snapped so keep rounding in mind, no smaller than .25; avoid scaling.

I’m looking for people who can start as soon as possible and be online regularly to work on assets for the project, as it will streamline the development process.


You will be paid on a per asset basis that will scale with the complexity of the assets submitted. You will be paid in either robux or USD depending on preference.

Please supply examples of your work and I will reach out if I believe it fits my vision for this project. I’m pretty picky. From there, we will negotiate prices. Thanks for reading! :call_me_hand:t6:


Hey. I am interested, can you please tell me your discord username?

im a animator with 1 month(42 days) of experience in animating,could you please add me on discord YellowSmileKing#2151 if you will i can show you my portofolio with some examples

I’m interested


Hello.:fire:I would like to apply for Animator role.
Here is my portfolio.

Thank you for your time.

Hello, I would like to work with you; you can contact me through my Discord: mateooarce1 # 5356 to send you my previous works :slightly_smiling_face:

I should also mention that the roles are listed in order of current Importance to the project currently and that experience is necessary.

Some of y’all haven’t supplied your work in your reply, which to me is a bad first impression.

Hello! I am very interested in your project! Here is my past work

Discord is PotatoDev#1535

Hello, I am a 16 years old French male and I’ve been practicing animation since 2 or 3 months. I’d like to apply for the position of animator, here’s my portfolio :

You can contact me on Discord, Kaky#3280
Hope to hear from you ^^

@ArcadeRockstar so you think you could provide a certain style of building you are looking for? When you list 3D modelers, you say low/medium poly, is that applicable to builders too?

Im a builder my discord is Soke#6294

a few example of my work

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Updated post, still looking for an animator on this project. Modeler and builder is covered.

Hello, i’m an animator, I also have happy feedback on my portfolios. I’ve been animating for 2 years and know how to do almost anything. Hoping to work with you soon.

my discord is flushed fish#9736

I have a bad portfolio right now but I can show examples on discord.

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@ArcadeRockstar I’m interested here is my portfolio

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