Hiring Animator, Modeller and UI Artist for Otobai Era

Hiring Animator, Modeller, and UI Artist for a Tokyo Revengers inspired game

Hello, my name is Cuansety. The game that I am currently trying to make is based off a anime/Manga known as “Tokyo Revengers”. This anime is based on Motorcycle gangs fighting each other. There is way more depth to this game then just “Motorcycle gangs fighting” There will be fighting styles, as well as ways to progress within gangs.


We are looking for people that know what they are doing and that has a good amount of experience. If you want to take on this job you will have to be pretty active this is a game that we take serious and want to release as soon as we see fit.


Modeller: If you’re a modeller and want a job with us you will need to know how to make Anime style hair, We need both short and long hair styles, as well as knowing how to make custom clothing.

Animator: Will need to be able to copy reference that is shown of fighting styles. You will also be working on movements, There is a good amount that has to be done.

Ui Artist: Making main menu, Inventory, gamepasses, store etc.


  • The payment methods are listed here:
  • Paypal
  • Robux
    On a side note, each developer with a certain role will have a different pay as well as how much you will have to do. What I can say is that for your work you have a guaranteed 20k - 100k Robux or convert it to USD,

Payment can be further negotiated in DM’s


  • Discord: Cuansety#8885
  • Roblox: Cuansety

Thank you for your time.


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