[HIRING] Anti-Cheat scripter

Anti-cheat scripter

Hello, developers! We’re the Planet Pizza development team, and we’re searching for a scripter, that can script an anti-cheat script for us. We gained 1.400 members in one day and we’re still gaining some.
We need a really good anti-cheat script to prevent exploiters exploit in our game.

There’s our game:

Payment is flexible, we can discuss the price in the group chat.


Have you tried finding plugins like Ro-Defender or any other anti-exploit plugin? If getting a plugin, only get them from trusted developers.

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No, we didn’t try any of these plugins, are they free or paid?

Most are free, but there are ’pro versions’ of some of the free plugins.

I tried to search for some, but most of them have 1-3 likes.
And ro-defender is more like a virus prevention plugin.

It could be good to get them officially made.

But if installing one of these plugins, make sure it’s made by a trusted developer.

I don’t want your next thread saying. “How to get viruses out of my game!”

Yeah, thanks for your time! We hope someone is going to get interested :slight_smile:

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What would you need patched? If you need player collisions off to stop fling exploits, I can do that for you (quite easy) I’d do it free.

Well, today we had a problem with someone who was exploding all of the customers and staff, so I think we need more than 2 things.
But I have no experience with anti-cheat script, but we need something good and strong.

What kind of Anti-Cheat do you need?

Ooh, the explode one I can fix. There may be remotes or backdoors. I can deal with that.

Somehing good and strong.
Customers are getting exploded,flinged,some ear rape music etc. etc.
Just some basic exploits.

I can patch some of the exploits, i patched this kind of exploits for my game too.

I can fix all of that, it wouldn’t take me very long. If I can’t fix it, no need to pay. I just want like 100 robux.

I will try to connect with Gyghiona, and If it won’t work I will contact you :slight_smile:

That’s okay, you can send me a private message on DevForum if you need me.

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What type of exploits are you currently having issues with, and how are they effecting your game.

Shoot me a dm on discord @ 4w#8210 I have one I upload weekly or so.

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