Hiring artist to refresh a Twitch channel!

Hi there! I am Krunnie. There isn’t much to say about me so let’s just get into what I need.

About The Job

I’m looking for a digital artist who’d be willing to help me refresh my Twitch channel. I’ll be needing a profile picture and a few graphics for the info section.

Details for the profile picture

I’ll say this right away in case it wasn’t clear earlier, I’m not looking for a character render. As I’m looking to move away from streaming Roblox on Twitch, I want to de-robloxize my Roblox character too. I want to have a waist up art with flat colors. I already have an idea for the pose but will share in DMs and will depend on your skills.

Details for the info section

So here I’m thinking about doing either simplified/more cartoony version of my OC or just fancy looking boxes with titles in it. This will be depending on what you’ll feel like would work best for you as I do realize that you also have your own life too. There’s gonna be four graphics needed here (box for About, Donate, Rules and Socials)



I’m gonna be paying 30 USD for the entire thing. Unfortunately the corona has hit my finances quite badly and this is max that I can give at the moment.


You can contact me on Discord: Krunnie#0919

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m a 2D digital artist, and I’m interested! Sent you a friend request ^^
Portfolio: Azza | Graphic Designer
Discord: Azza #3032

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