[HIRING] Builder & Modeler for Mano County Sheriff's Office

About Us
Greetings, we are a county group on Roblox called Mano County Police Patrol. We are looking for a Modeler and Builder to help us build another version of our game. The requirements will be listed below.

Must be over the age of 13.
Must have around 1 year of experience.
Good communication skills.

We will discuss payment with the Founder. This can range around 10k robux, however, prices are negotiable.

If you are interested, you may contact me on Discord. My discord username is slept on flvurry#0001

If you do send me a friend request, please be sure to leave a note on your Discord username as well as I have around 50 friend requests and I wouldn’t be able to tell who you are.



You should add payment info.
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Thanks for the comment. I just edited my post.


Can you add more details about the job? Are we building just the office the Sheriff’s Building or an entire map? Thanks!


Interested, I sent a discord request. Discord name: Celestial_Lyxtek

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Thank you for showing your interest Lyxtek! I’ll accept your Discord friend request in a minute.

Mine_rr, this will be an entire map and you will also be working with some other builders. I’m looking for two builders as well, I’ll edit my post in a minute.

I’m Interested in this! Mine_rr#5759 Is my discord profile.

My Portfolio is here if you would like to take a peak! I’ve built a few maps and I’m getting quite good at doing realism.

Nice! I like your build style. I sent you a friend request.

Sure I can help I will send my portfolio in the edit I build animate and ui design.

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Alright, what’s your Discord? (30 chars)


I sent you a request. (30 chars)

I sent you a friend request at Umpire#8048

Hello! I am interested in filling up that position, here is a link to my portfolio: Aleuoria | Experienced Builder | [OPEN!]

Thanks for reading! If you are interested my discord is aleja#8265.

Hey, i’m a 3D modeler, here’s my work https://devforum.roblox.com/t/my-low-poly-models/

If you like it, you should friend me on discord so you won’t have to search through the 50 people (i usually reply pretty quickly) : Red1Monster#3623

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