Hiring Builder & UI Designer [R$100,000+]

@crywink I apologize. The name is Hevoq#4610

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Would be interested in applying for the UI Designer position. Add me on discord if possible: QuaintYoungT#5110

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I’d love to work with you, maybe I can make assets. If you want the place detailed, I’m the right guy :slight_smile: . Arc#.2777

Hey I am Will!
A 16 year old builder.
My discord is: will#4070
Here is my portfolio: Updated Portfolio - BlueTheCreator
I specialize in making buildings!
Thanks for viewing me (:smiley:

@TedArthur is one of the best UI developers I personally know, I’d definitely recommend hiring him.


I can do UI design! :smiley:
I don’t have any way to get my upcoming game out there and 35k would be great for bidding on ads and a logo!


I can ui design and build @Clxzed#8551

I’m interested in the terrain, my discord is ugglynolann#3820 . Thanks!

Interested. Discord: Celestial_Lyxtek#6235

Hooyah!, I’m interested for the builder job Necrophosy - Portfolio

Discord: -Alijandro#0807

Hi! I’m interested to build some assets for you.
Discord: Alexus#8706

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I am interested in creating User Interfaces for you.

Feel free to contact me via Discord:


Hey, Im a builder Dark#6820 lmk soon as possible.

Hello! My name is TTVFayze. I Would like to be a builder for this group/game of yours. I Am a really experienced builder with 4 years of service for other huge groups! I Also make car models/Maps/buildings and more! I Would love to look forward on helping you guys! If you need anything please feel free to DM Me on discord at: NYSP_TTVFayze#4618
Thank you!! here are my recent builds https://devforum.roblox.com/t/my-portfolio-feedback/574969

Sincerely: TTVFayze

I’m interested in the UI designer position


Hello, I’m interested in UI design, please add corblitz#4635

Hey, I’m interested in the building position.


Hello! I am I am gat, I have been developing here for 5 years. I have worked on games like booga booga. To continue this add me on dis. SignsDev7382

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Hello Sam,
I would like to either become a UI Designer or Builder.
Contact me on discord for more discussion, I’ve already sent things your way.

Hey. Willing to take builder and willing to take less than 100k robux but it can’t be <50k. Seerific#6996