[HIRING] Builders, Animators

About Me

Hi there.
I am currently seeking for a team who is willing to join me and work on a game like Booga Booga.
I’m a programmer. I’ve been programming on Roblox for about 4-5 years now so I’ve got experience in working with stuff like this.

@WhitexHat - Programmer, Project Leader
@username - Builder / Modeler;
@ScytheSlayin - Animator

I also look for “contractors” (you’ll get credit for helping)

About The Job

Builder / Modeler
Prefferably looking for someone who can work with terrain and make assets for the game such as: armors, weapons (not complex ones: axes, rocks and stuff like that), accessories (backpacks, etc).

You’ll be animating the tools.
There will be needed like 2-3 animations for swinging (chop, attack, etc.) and after that, some animations for NPCs (walking, idle probably)

You’ll be making the UI designs, icons and stuff like that.


I can only do percentage.
Scripter - 50%
Builder - 35%
Animator - 5%

How do I know this project will succed?

I don’t, however with a dedicated good team, we can make something good. This is my first project, I’ve tried to make something simillar to that before but I’ve failed because I had no team, it was only me and it’s of course boring working on something alone and without getting any help.

How will you advertise?

I will look for investors, contact youtubers and talk with popular-devs to help me advertise the game. I have no budget atm.

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord. (WhitexHat#2074)
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Have a good day.


Please don’t message me if you’re not fully interesed. I’m not asking for full-time work just some hours (1-2 hours a day if possible).
There is no backup payment. If this fails, you won’t get any money back for spending time. Sorry. I could help you with other stuff though, if you need.

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@WhitexHat Hello! I’m a builder who might be interested in working with you, my disc is Lucifervonhart #9548

Most UI designers prefer a one time payment, you also need a backup payment if this fails or no one will want to work for you

I gotchu.

Now that I think of it, no UI design is needed.
Backup payment is not really something I care about. I don’t force people to join my team and I already said they can work on this if they really want, it’s not such a big deal, what I am asking for mostly is a terrain, then I can focus on other stuff like accessories after the game mechanics are done.

Animators’ job should be very easy, I just need 2-3 animations for swinging, for now.

Hello, I’m a animator, I’ve contacted you!

Can I be your 2nd animator? If so add me on disc parkerski#1862 and I’ll show you my examples, I just want credit.

Hello, i’m interested in helping on this project, I do low poly weaponry (and I’m currently learning and tinker with armor and accessories) you can check out my portfolio and message me here or on Discord: Nikelfight#8252

Hello, I’m pretty decent with terrain and map building, as well as building regular buildings. I might be interested in working with you. I can’t talk tonight as I’ll be away, but if you want to discuss things with me tomorrow my discord tag is Pr🦃bably_Shouldn’t_Exist#6210.

Game Updates

UI / Placing System / Chopping etc.

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