Hiring Builders for [8k R$ -15k R$ OR $40 - $70 USD]


I am hiring Map builders for my Belgium Armed Forces Military Game and we’re seeking a Version 2.

-1+ year of building experience
-13+ years of age
-Must have discord
-Experienced with making Military Maps

If you do not fit for the requirements, I cannot hire you.

The game will be Military style, although at civilian spawn area there will be a small city that you can rome around.

The project is no where near completetion and thats why I’m hiring Builders.

If you want to be hired, add me on discord Macro#1536

Although, there will be a dead line and if you cannot finish your project I assign you to in time, you will be fired.

Once again, contact me my discord if you want to be hired: Macro#1536


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