About Us

Howdy folks! I run an SCP Foundation with around 5,000 members which is planning on releasing one of it’s biggest projects yet! We have some of the best developers in the genre ranging from previous developers associated with CreepySins’ Site Directorate to Civilous’ Site Directorate. Due to education a lot of people have found their schedules to be more complicated than originally planned and therefore we are looking for new Site Directorate to assist us long term and to help us with bringing out our best project yet known as Complex Zeta.

The Team
@forgotlogic - The Administrator
@qloid - Builder
@FutureCider - Builder & UI Designer
@ItsMatko - Scripter & UI Designer
@DrBaja - Scripter & UI Designer
@BlackberryLemonade - Scripter & Discord Integrations
And a few more!

Our current progress has been fairly decent however we won’t be disclosing any screenshots publically of our progress. If you contact me, however, I will be sure to send you any details necessary if requested!

About The Job

We are looking for an experienced builder (or scripter)! Upon contacting me I will ask for you to show some examples of work or if you’d prefer not to I’ll bring you into a team-create and give you two small assignments to validate your experience in what you claim to be best with! We are aiming for a modernized prison type vibe game and assignments will be given based on your schedule and when you decide to join the team!


We are very strict on what we plan on paying developers. If you do minor tasks/contributions you’ll be paid through commissions however if you plan on developing on a larger scale then you will be given a permanent percentage. This can be discussed via. contacting me below!

Contact Us

You can either contact me on the Developer Forums or add me via. forgot#0001
Contact me if you are interested and I’ll respond asap.

spectramed aka. forgotlogic
The Administrator
Lead Developer


Hello, I’m interested on joining. I sent you a friend request. My username is ZeroGaming19#9290

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