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Pronto Cafe Recruitment

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Pronto is a very small (only me) cafe which hopefully will grow over time. I’ve seen games like Venti or Frappe come and go and I wanted to make one with a team. Pronto was founded in 2018 originally but then abandoned and never touched again. Now that I’m seeing all these games, it’s a good idea to make one with a team as it would be a nice experience and a new opportunity to improve skills.

Now, let me say this before we go anywhere else. I used to HATE cafe games. But you realize that after playing many cafe games and going through extreme amounts of toxicity, salt, and cringe, that it’s actually a great way to bring players together and roleplay in a virtual cafe.

Build Style

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Current Progress

Current Progress

@Jnged - Founder
@Available- x 2Experienced Builders/Modelers
@e7c , @Available - x2 Experienced Scripters
@Available - x1 Experienced UI Designer
@urzif - x1 Experienced Graphic Designer

The “Tester” position will also be available, but when the games are early access available. You will NOT be paid to be a tester.

About the Jobs


Builders must be able to produce an original, detailed, and unique cafe, training center, interview center, and event center. All assets must be original and not free modeled. Builders must also be able to make terrain such as small mountains, islands, and so on but it may not be necessary.


Modelers must be able to make original (not free-modeled) assets/meshes such as pastries or more detailed assets that cannot be produced with parts.


Scripters must be able to produce unique code for the cafe, training center, application center, event center, and interview center. Some of the scripting assets include music, overhead ranks, admin commands, and more.

UI Designer

UI Designers will be in charge of the application center, and the in-game store/gamepass menu(s) as well as a possible admin panel. All UIs must be unique.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer must be able to produce detailed and colorful original and unique icons, ads, thumbnails, and possibly logos.

NOTE: I am willing to give out 95% of the total monthly earned funds evenly between the wonderful developers and contributors (other 5% for ads, clothing, etc)

Developers (builders, scripters) will probably get more as they have contributed the most. Jobs like graphic designer and etc are kinda low contributions so the pay probably will be a little lower. You are paid out of game earnings. IF the game does not earn anything, you will be given your assets back and the game will be deleted or privated. I currently have 0 funds of Robux but I will be more than happy to pay you when I do. The pay also really depends on how much work you do, so if you’re sitting all day doing nothing and contributing only 5-10 mintues a day, you probably won’t get paid as much. At all.

Please contact me through the DevForum by sending me a PM with your application OR contact me through Discord @ cubi#0001 Serious applications only please! :smiley:
Have a great day!


add me, my discord is punkde#8982

i’m a scripter, added you

discord: Might_Be_Dino#5322
add me if u want

Added you on cord, Noctarius#6131. Graphics designer/Ui designer.

Update: Looking for professional developers with prior experience with making cafe games and such. Looking for detailed builders, UI makers, and graphic designers…

I have prior experience in this type of field doing work for cafe’s and such. I’m interested in the programmers position for your game, my discord is Dreaming#6666.

Could I be tester?
My discord is: Loll#4505.

Friend Request sent on dissy! Mine is BritDev#6015

I’m interested in Graphic Design. I’ll send a request now. I’m fin;#4521.

Interested, no discord, portfolio: [OPEN] Experienced scripter

Just added you, Msami#3783

Hope to work with you.

he said to PM him with your application

send you a firend request Sparkly#9638

It says you aren’t accepting any friend requests. You’ll have to add me: cubi#0001

I did find one asset I was looking for in your portfolio game.
The BillboardGUI/overhead rank.
It has everything I’ve been looking for;
-hides behind parts
-disappears when you zoom out.

If we were to use this asset in the cafe, I could guarantee you’d be ranked to a Contributor straight away. PM me if you’re interested in having your script used at Pronto! :smiley:

Could you tell me the position you are applying for, please? Thanks! :smiley:

I’m assuming you’re applying for the “Graphic Artist” position?

What’ll it be, chief? :smiley: Builder, graphic designer, scripter?

You absolutely can, but the problem is we do not have a game fully made yet or even close to it being Early Access. However, I will let you know or update the topic if there are any positions available!

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Graphic Designer is the position

Hello, I am interested. Contact me on discord or DevForum.

Discord: Idkr_Man#6666

I sent you a request on discord.