[HIRING] Cafe Developers

As a builder would you be payed for the amount of work you put in? Also, do you have a set time on when you want the game completed by?

If you have any reference photos or anything that you would like a builder to base the cafe off, please show me them if that is okay with you!

No, i don’t really have an exact time, hopefully within two months, but I don’t know, and the cafe building, I would like to see Low Poly, and A cafe with two floors, and a basement, A counter as well.

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Alright, I am working on building a portfolio at the moment as I am quite new to building etc. I have a lot of experience with the TSO and TJO genre, sounds interesting. Hope to see you around!

Hello, I would like to apply for composer—> (OPEN) DevNetCheese's Portfolio (Composer) For Hire! As well if you need one more talk to @CaptLincoln


I’m interested, I sent you a friend request on discord so we can talk.
Have a good day!

I can help with animations, UI, and some building and GFX

Is the back up payment for each person or all people?

I am good at creating small detailed models. (Coffee machines, smoothies, etc)
If your interested with that just reply and I’ll send you my discord ID!

(I can't make animals though)

We are still looking for a scripter.

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If you want to be the scripter, you have to be able to do this.

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Yes, I am interested…

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I would love to help, but your Discord name seems to not work when I paste it into Discord.
Could you DM me at juan lewis#3485

What kinds of things are you looking for when looking for a building dev?

hi, i am interested in joining the team! i am interested in taking The GFX designer position

discord - JOHNPOP#9190 looking forward to working with yall!

Interested in joining as a scripter, dmed you on discord.

Edit: Your discord isn’t valid, mind sending a updated one?

I’m down to help with animations. I assume the items you are talking about will most likely be food related like lifting a muffin or cup of coffee to the player’s mouth.

DM me on the forums of on Discord (ethacon#1628) to see some of my work.

discord is invalid sir.

add me recovering, in pain dnd#9867

I can do graphics. Check out my portfolio here:

I would rather have a set %tage for all I know I could do all of this and get 1%

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