Hiring Chiefs for an upcoming group. [Chief Staff Officer, Chief Communications Officer]

Fanticia Water Park - Hiring Staff Team

Hello! I am the current Owner of Fanticia Water Park. FWP is a business owned by C4LEBS (me) and Iehnee (co-owner). We are both working hard to bring you a waterpark

With a waterpark, we will need to hire a staff team. We are looking for experienced members with working in a Corporate Team. Each role will have its own duties. You MUST have Discord and must be able to join our group.

Current Staff Team
Owner - C4LEBS
Chairwoman - Iehnee
President - (not looking for)
Chief Executive Officer - (not looking for)

Chief Staff Officer - (You?)
Chief Operations Officer - OhTrex
Chief Communications Officer - (You?)

If you are accepted into our team, you will be put on trial and placed in the “General Manager” role, where the Owners will closely moderate your actions, tweak them, and determine whether you are eligible/trustworthy enough to become one of our Chiefs.

Staff Department
The staff department currently manages our management team. They are expected to release Intern applications and create a working and functioning team.

Operations Department
The operations department currently manages community events, game-nights, and giveaways. They are expected to fulfill these duties to keep an entertained community.

Communications Department
The communications department currently manages affiliation and affilliate-related events/inquiries. They are expected to help eachother form alliances and create events with the affiliate.

If you have any questions or you are interested, please contact me on Discord or reply here.


[-] Owner
Fanticia Water Park

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