(HIRING CLOSED) A environmental designer for our game!

Hello! I’m Wavoq, the founder of a mexican restaurant based off of Roblox! We are looking for an experienced environmental designer to design our scenery!

We are looking for a person who is over the age or 13+, has past work to show, has hard working ethics and who is active. Also, people who have years of experience to show. And, lastly someone who is committed to the job.

The payment will be in robux, though group payouts. You will get 700-1k robux, on how good you do. This truly depends on the quality of work we get from you.

Interested? Contact me on discord. Wavoq#2631

Thanks for reading!


What do you want the designer to do? Do you want them to use terrain or real parts? How big is the build? Do you want them to also do the trees, bushes, rocks etc? (i’m asking because, if it’s true, I think 700-1k is low depending on the size of the build.)

EDIT: Sorry if this sounded harsh

Yes, could you please explain more? Are you looking for realistic lighting?

I agree it can be low, Our map is not that big. All we have now is just trees and we are focused to make the outside low poly. So it would need to be similar to low poly style. We would also want a mexican vibe-ish terrain/map. We just need someone to spice it up a bit, make it more realistic.

We just need someone to spice up the map, its a low poly map and we already have realistic lighting in a way I guess. Contact me on discord, so I could show you what we have.

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I don’t use discord, contact me here instead!

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Well, sorry I need discord. Would be a big pain to contact on here. Would you maybe get discord?

I used to use discord for developing, but if something happens off an official roblox platform, support and dev relations will not help you. I learned from a bad experience to only use official platforms.

Maybe could you contact me on discord. Would love to work with you!

Alright, is there a private chatting we can do on here instead?

Yes! I’ll send one now.

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Your discord tag is invalid. Please contact me Man Behind The Ping#6731

Sent! A request, please accept back.

Just a question so you said that you wanted a Mexican terrain style sooo… like a desert?

Similar, with rocks… trees and grass.

Hey, I’m interested! Your Discord tag does’t appear to work so do you mind sending me a request instead? offline#5986

Sent! A request. Please accept.

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