[HIRING] [CLOSED] Looking for talented Café, group oriented, GFX

Greetings, here’s a little about us.

Munchie is one of the many Cafes here on Roblox. Here at Munchie, we’re striving to build a community, striving to make memories, and last but not least, striving to make an impact here on Roblox. But, there’s a bit of a catch, currently we’re in a development stage and in need of an experienced graphic designer.

Graphics Designer position

We’re looking for an advanced Graphics designer specializing in not only 2D but 3D GFX. Currently we’re looking for a group logo, two game icons, and two thumbnails. Please don’t take our reference art as a suggestion take it as more of a requirement. We’re looking for a specific type of style.

Reference Art

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  • Great communication
  • Efficient with Discord.
  • Active.
  • Accepting of change.
  • Determined.
  • Great time management.


We’re sticking to a strict payment of Robux only . We aren’t paying through group funds. That being said, the method of how that is paid out relies on the artist. Whether it is a gamepass, t-shirt, shirt, etc. As far as the price itself goes, we’re flexible and open for some negotiation based on the timing and quality shown.


If you are interested in anyway, please contact me through either Discord @BlizzardBeasts#2002. Or via direct message on the DevForum. Thank you for taking the time to consider Munchie as a possible commission opportunity. We look forward to reviewing all of the upcoming portfolios!

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