(HIRING CLOSED) Need a cheap, professional UI designer!

Hello! I’m Wavoq, the owner of a mexican fast food place on ROBLOX. We are currently in the dev phase and we are in need of a UI designer to help design a food ordering/menu system. For a better reference please watch this video.

We are hiring people 13+ age older, professional, that MUST have experience to show, past work to show and lastly, people who will be committed longer term and that will be committed to the project.

We are ONLY offering to pay robux, payments will be around 1-2k Robux. Depends on work quality and will be payed through group funds.

DM if you are interested, on discord. Wavoq#2631 - Friend me, thank you!

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Please place this in the right category. #collaboration:recruitment

Done! Sorry about that, new to forms.

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your discord is not working so try to add me my username: 3MASTER9#6327

Interesting… here’s my portfolio!

Hello! Please reach out to me on discord! Thanks!

Your Discord Tag doesn’t work, are you sure that it worked?

Edit, never mind, I sent a request, I am the guy with the Obi Wan Kenobi PFP.

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