Hiring Clothing Designer for a one time Commission

About Me

Hi, I am xPro_Do. I am looking to hire a clothing designer to make me some custom Star Wars Jedi Robes.

About The Job

I am in need of some Jedi Robes similar in design to these:

I don’t know who made these, otherwise I would have tried to contact them, so I am looking here to see if anyone can make some robes for me in the same type of design to these. I am liking the design of the bottom middle one, maybe having something similar made, but with some changes to it that we can discuss in messages or DMs, depending on where you contact me.


I am willing to negotiate payment, I have a good amount of robux that I am willing to use if needed.

Contact Us

You can contact me through the DevForum or on discord through xPro_Do#0131

Thanks for stopping by! :slight_smile:

What if the amount of robux it willing to pay? I’m interested

Depends on the quality, I can go around 300 or so maybe, more if theyre really good

K, I already have a ton of games in working on, but I might be able to do a few for free

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