Hiring Clothing Designer to Make Chef Outfits

Hi there! I am working on a game that has a restaurant aspect to it, and I am looking to hire someone to make two high-quality chef outfits (shirt and pants).

What I am looking for is the style of chef coat that high-class chefs wear. One outfit in white and the other outfit in black. Shirt and pants for each style.

The work has to be 100% original and I’d love to see examples of your previous work before hire.

The price is up for discussion. I can pay in ROBUX with group funds and would like to have the job done in the next couple of days (before the end of the week at the latest).

If you have any questions please ask, and if I love the work I will definitely have you in mind for future work.

This is my first time posting a job, so please help me correct any mistakes I have made.


Is there any max amount you’d be able to pay for the outfits?

Could you give us a price range and where would you like for us to contact you? I’m semi-interested.

I am not sure what a good price range would be. Is 1000 to 2000 robux reasonable for both shirt and pants outfits? You can contact me on here or on discord (if thats allowed) landon90#6457

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