[Hiring] Clothing Designer!

Hello! I am the Founder of Exer Studios and I am looking for a clothing designer for my game. The job would be to do a couple simple task when needed so I would say part-time. You will need to be apart of the studios community and as well stick with the studio. Prices can be negotiated in private messages.

Job Task

•Make Robber Pants and Shirt
•Cafe Worker Pants and Shirt (Detailed /w blood stains tears etc)

DM me on the forums or discord via @Exer#3465

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Hey, I suggest you give the simple price of the uniforms as people wouldn’t know how much they’ll earn also, maybe give some more information about the uniforms.

I think some might not understand the term “Robber” therefore maybe change it into criminal?

I’m pretty sure excessive gore is not allowed on Roblox. Also, what’s your pay for the task?

True my bad Roblox. I’ll fix it

They can choose price I said it’s negotiable

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