(Hiring) Clothing Designer

About Me

Hey y’all! my name is Brian and I need help with clothing destine for my group (https://www.roblox.com/groups/5903975/Bloxcity-Dev-Team#!/about). I need some one who is willing to work for me for cheap because I do not have that much money.

What I Need

I need some one who is good at clothing destine and wants to work for cheap. I want some one who knows how to used paint.net and can make nice clothes. I do not want anyone to copy clothes online. If you do you will be fired.


You guys/girls will be given 20$ by a amazon gift card plus 25% of what the group makes.


You can contact me threw the roblox developer forums or you can contact me on discord at Quagmire#6064.

Thanks for reading,

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Do you need a GFX group icon?

Noticed this post has the tag “GFX” in it.

A $20 Amazon Gift Card is a really weird way to pay.

Sorry I can’t use paypal that’s why I have to use amazon. I am 17 and my paypal account got subtended.

I do need one. The group icon I made is bad :confused:

Alright. Prices, examples and terms of service are listed here:

Feel free to respond again or message me if interested still!

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