Hiring clothing designers

So, for a very long time I’ve been working on like kind of a group, it’s not like a development, it’s like a crew where people can play together and stuff,
And a lot of BARBIES joined the crew, and I’ve been reading the discord server, the chat, because they are active, and they were talking about their robux, and I’ve seen that barbies have a lot of robux, ngl.

So, I wanted to hire 1 or 2 clothing designers to make unique clothes, and to be special for the barbs to buy them!

This is the style that barbies uses and the ones we want/need.


It’s like Dark-ish clothes
AND we would like medic clothes too (loads of barbies wears it)

There are going to be : Girls and Boys clothes.


So, atm we have robux and it’s not going to be spent on the crew, it is going to be spent on a game we are making.

BUT, the clothes are going to be bought by a lot of people, and we will pay if we get revenue, if not, we will pay you by another way!


Add me on discord!

And btw, in just 10 seconds we got 11 reactions of people saying that they will buy the clothes:

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