[HIRING] Composer

About Me

Hi! I am ItzBeastBoyz, and I am a roblox scripter, and mini builder!

The Team
@ItzBeastBoyz - Scripter
@Sad_Session - Builder
@Seerific - Mini Builder
@pokemongo2537 - Lobby Builder
@CrazyManPlayz - Animator
@username - Composer

About the Game

The game I am making is a sort of Deathrun game, but instead of Deathrun with a Killer, traps activate by themself. So like if there is a Dark spot in a light spot area, and they step on the dark spot, they will fall through and die. I will be the scripter for the project.
The Builder will be making the map, with a Mini Builder. The mini builder will be payed less, and will have less experience, and obviously do less.
The animator will animate things such as a brick splitting into two, or a part going up and down, etc.
All these jobs are covered.
The composer will make a good background music beat for the game.
For more info, contact me.


I am not sure of a good payment. Please contact me to discuss a fair payment.

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord: ItzBeastBoyz#6250
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I’ll take mini builder spot. My Discord is Seerific#6996

I can take map or mini builder spot. [Open] Builder for hire! (portfolio)

Do you have any GFX Artist jobs open?

Yes, we will need thumbnails. Contact me.

I’m not too good with thumbnails, but I can try. Is it okay if I practice for a little bit?

Sure! If you can let me know of anything else you think would be helpful, I can consider.

Okay, I added you on Discord. Please accept! kirs#2589

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I’ll take the animator position. My discord is CrazyManPlayz#2527

We are still looking for a composer!

is the gfx artist open ? i would like to work on your team as i have skill on that field …
Contact me on Disocrd : Ay-Men#7917

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Hey, i was wondering if you also needed a 3D modeler for your game

Not really, all we need is a composer

@jokerjordon is a great composer! I recommend contacting them!
Here is their portfolio: JokerJordon: Composer [OPEN]

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