[HIRING] DeepDive Waterpark Looking for Developers!

About Us

Greetings! DeepDive Waterpark is looking for developers! DeepDive Waterpark group that is currently in need of more team members to help with our new game.

The Team
@SouthWestInfantry ( Holder )

About The Job

We are looking for a Builder, Scripter, Terrain can get the work done and easy and this job is full time
The team wants to release before we set any dead line we need developers that can make waterparks! V1- V2 Then new seasons!

There is a deadline of September 10 Or 11 for this to be completed.


Payment will be discussed later depending on the amount of work is given and the quality of the work.

Contact Us

Developer Forums: DeepDive WaterPark
Discord: uhkx_le#5980

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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