Hiring dev for my game!

I have sent direct message on dis


I have sent you a friend request on discord. I hope to hear back from you soon.

I need gfx designer too.Sorry for not saying

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Heya I can do you the gfx in lightning speed



Still looking for builder and animator, UI more

Ok i still need the UI designer

down for a logo design.

Message me on the dev fourm to get in contact with me or join me ingame on roblox.
read the full post for more info.

Now i need one more scripter, plz join

Only one more scripter! (Jajwiaj)

What roles are you hiring? I would like to help.

Uhhhh.dont you just get scam so…

How do you know I just got scammed?

Still find scripter (whys shgssgh)

If you’re still trying to find a scripter, maybe move the percentage up a little to 20% or 25%. Scripters and builders usually get the same % and some will argue scripting is harder than building. Hope this helped you find a scripter :+1:

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Ok guys, now i have update the post and the scripter % is up now, feel free to apply

how many is your funds?
i’m just curious?
I might be interested :neutral_face:

Sorry but this is a % project so when the game come out, i will pay you due to the profit

i mean like the funds for advertisement

I dunno, i think i will get some soon

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