Hiring developers for 2-3 new games in the upcoming year

ARE Games is establishing our 2nd development team and is looking for experienced developers to hire as partners to work on 2-3 new games releasing in the upcoming year

I’m a game designer, producer and project manager. I have 6 games and I own the game development studio called ARE Game Creation Studios. Our most successful game is Alien Simulator with 20M+ place visits. We have a team working on a small project right now, but we’re looking to branch out and recruit a handful of experienced individuals to work on 2-3 simple projects over the next year as well.

We will spend an estimated 1-4 months on each project before moving on to a new one. Depending on the performance of them, we may go back to spend some time to update the games. These games will be made in an entirely stress free environment, and those who fail to contribute will be promptly replaced.

Payments to commissioned developers will be paid based on completion, and certain developers will earn a percentage of the game’s gross profit based on the amount of time spent and development contributed to the games we develop. All payments will be negotiated beforehand.

Requirements to apply:

  • Experienced developer (3-5 years of development experience in skill set)
  • Provide pictures of or links to your previous developments

Requirements to keep job after getting hired:

  • Consistency (3+ hours of development every week)
  • Communication (Responding to DMs in a timely manner

Types of developers needed:

  • All types of developers with 3-5+ years of experience should consider applying, we may have a spot for you

May also consider hiring:

  • Creative director (Must have worked as the creative director for 2 or more games with 100k+ place visits)
  • Marketing director (Must have worked as the marketing director for 2 or more games with 100k+ place visits)
  • Other types of directors who have direct experience working in that position for 2 or more games with over 100k+ place visits, for example SFX director
    (If you apply saying you worked on a game with over 100k+ visits, you must be able to prove it)

Qualities that are recommended:

  • Determination
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Good Vibes

If you have any questions about eligibility or about this application feel free to DM me!

I think you are asking too much in experience for the builders, there are people who can do amazing things with just 6 or 8 months of experience, i’d recommend lowing it to 1 year if it’s possible. Hope this helps you and that you get people for the job.

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I was wondering about the GFX position. I have been doing GFX for around 8 months, could you still make exceptions? Here is my portfolio - [Closed] Bloxrrey's Development Services

Im a composer and sound designer and ive worked as the sole audio engineer on multiple projects with 1m+ visits (discord: LordBasw#4819)

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Hello, I’m interested in the position, I build and also direct development for a corporation that has games with 1m+ visits. I have also built stuff for front page games and developers. Heres my portfolio: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder

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