Hiring Developers for Dungeon type game

Hello I am a Ui Designer. Im just a beginner but I would like to have a team to work on a game with. Ive been been working for about 2 months.


I am available after school hours so about 4:00 pm on week days & about 5 - 8 hours on weekends. I also work on holidays.

Scripter: 30%
Scripter must be able to script spawnings, arena transportation, add mobs, and open & close Uis.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord PolytrexDev#3279


Perhaps you need a builder? Here’s my portfolio if your interested. [OUTDATED] EternalCanadianDev | New Builder! COMMS 3/5


Sure but ill have to give you 15%


That’s perfectly fine. DM me if you wish to hire me. EternalCanadianDev#1541 or here on dev forum

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What is your discord so i can contact you.

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What kind of things would let’s say, a scripter would have to do. By the way, he wrote down his discord:

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EternalCanadianDev#1541. Contact me when you are free or rn.

Spawning, teleporting, opening up Ui Designes and then closing them, and ect

You should add that to the description, it might attract more people

I would recommend for you to first plan out everything, then create a post here listing or atleast explaining what the game will be like.

Also if you don’t mind, if the scripter is only getting 30%, where else is the rest going?

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Builders and ui artist modelers, terrain builders.

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Ummmm, why is this in profolios???

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