Hiring Developers for Flag Mania!


About us

Flag Mania is a Capture-the-Flag style game with an expansive map and exciting storyline to boot!
Out game is all about capturing the other team’s flag and try to kill the opponents to stop then from getting to your flag. The first team to get 5 flag captures wins the round! Our rounds are around 5 minutes long and there are currently two teams: Red and Blue.

Around the map you may find hidden easter - eggs that will (in the near future) earn you badges or maybe affect the game itself.

Our group is currently at 11 members, so if you would like to help us out by playing our game or joining our group, then we would very much appreciate it.


Also, if you want to become a dedicated Flag Mana developer, then contact me (Miq#5614) or our Head Developer (just oli#6969). Group Link: Official Flag Mania Group - Roblox

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