[HIRING] Developers for RB Battles Game & Event! [OPEN]

RB Battles is Hiring Developers!

About RB Battles

We host and run the RB Battles Championship Roblox event on our YouTube channel and also in our RB Battles Roblox game every year. RB Battles won a Bloxy at the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards for “Video of the Year” for the finale episode of the RB Battles Championship and also won the “Best Live Event” Bloxy award in the 8th Annual Bloxy awards for the RB Battles game and event.

About The Job

The RB Battles game had a complete framework rewrite this year and we’re nearing completion of that and moving on to some very cool things such as the next RB Battles event! At the moment we are looking into commissioning programmers (and potentially builders) who could help make new minigames and if things go well with that, potentially help us with the RB Battles Season 3 Championship as well.

Have you ever wanted to work on a Roblox event? Now might be your chance! :sunglasses:

We’re looking for experienced developers who are creative, professional, technical, work fast, and it’s always a plus when developers are passionate about RB Battles and/or about working on an event game, although this is obviously not a requirement by any means. What we have each developer work on is largely dependent on each individual devs personal skill set, strong points, and interests. Communication is very important to us, we check in on progress daily and can call often!


  • AGE REQUIREMENT: You must be 13 years or older to apply, however we prefer 18 or older as we require everyone who works directly on the game to sign an NDA.
  • AVAILABILITY: We don’t necessarily require commissioned devs to be available for specific hours, however we definitely would prefer relatively open availability considering most of the devs on our team often hop in random Discord calls to develop together and that tends to be how we are most productive. That said, if that sort of availability isn’t practical for you and/or you don’t work well in group calls it’s not a requirement by any means and we are very flexible with availability.
  • EXPERIENCE: For programmers, knowledge of Git, Rojo, the Windows command line, and other external tooling would be a huge plus as our game is now fully Rojo managed using Git, however this is not a requirement and we have devs on the team who are more than happy to educate and onboard anyone who doesn’t have experience with any of the above things. Yes, we practically offer free hands on experience with industry standard practices simply by working with us! What a deal! :smile:


We try to be as fair as possible with payment and usually pay per completed minigame depending on the complexity and time required. We generally pay USD but we can also pay robux if that’s preferred. There may be potential for switching to full time pay as a main developer on the game and/or event if a developer proves themselves as a valuable long term asset to the team, but this obviously isn’t guaranteed and is something we will evaluate over time if it’s of interest.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/DJMonopoli

NOTE: I can’t guarantee I will respond to everyone! To save time I will likely only respond to those we are interested in so please be as detailed as possible in your initial message to me including your portfolio and/or any work you have done in the past that shows your skills and what we can expect. Also, be sure to highlight your personal skill set, strong points, and which particular tasks (mini games, features, event, etc.) interest you the most if you were to join the RB Battles dev team.

Thanks for reading! :green_heart:


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