Hiring developers of all kinds!

[Open] Hiring developers of all kinds!

About us

We are looking for people to produce games like simulators and tycoons for our studio.

About work

We are looking for developers who have produced or released tycoon simulator projects before. This job will be a full time position, you are expected to work alongside our other developers to produce unique experiences in our updates.


We will make all the payments in % for now, we have Youtubers who will sponsor the game and we will make announcements. (+10 youtubers)

  • 685 subscribers: 36,999 total visits
  • 3540 subscribers: 238,368 total visits
  • 46,800 subscribers: 14,759,738 total visits
  • 47,900 subscribers: 3,919,410 total visits
  • 76,100 subscribers: 12,868,979 total visits
  • 100,000 subscriberss: 12,343,318 total visits
    and there are more youtubers.

Contact Us

Send us a message with your portfolio, with examples of your work. Please also let us know your Discord username so we have another way to contact you. If I send you a request look for Mateooarce1#5653 or add me!

Thank you for reading!

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